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KBR - Project Restore Iraqi Oil RIO
Basra, Kirkuk, Baghdad and Baji IRAQ, Kuwait City, Kuwait

During the second Gulf War, KBR was awarded a contract by the US Army Corp of Engineers for Inspections, Assessments, Repairs, Commissioning and Re-Start of all the hydrocarbon infrastructure in Iraq. ACP, LLC was awarded a significant portion of this work as a subcontractor to KBR. During our execution of the works we encountered sabotage, wars damage, poorly maintained and non functioning systems and components. ACP , LLC performed Assessments, Repairs, replacement of components, new construction, commissioning and assisted in the start up of more than 100 facilities spread out across the country. See examples of some of the facilities below:

  • (1) Rumelia Oilfield Waterflood Injection Plant rebuild and start up

  • (15) Pump Stations

  • (2) Offshore Crude Oil Loading Terminals

  • (17) Gas Oil Separation Plants

  • (12) New GE TM2500 Turbine Generators installed

    creating an oilfield mini electrical grid.

  • (1) LNG Plant electrical, Instrumentation and DCS

    assessments and repairs
    Inspection, assessment and repairs of more than 1000 KM’scrude oil gathering systems and cross-country gas and crude oil pipelines SCADA systems and communication systems .

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